New Medical Paradigm for U-healthcare Patients
New Medical Paradigm for U-healthcare Patients
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Kim To-hyon, Chief of the educational information department of Duho High School

I sincerely applaud that a U-healthcare system is being used in my country for the first time in the world. I have never heard about the U-healthcare process of monitoring my healthcare with a specialized, experienced and board-certified physician from a nationwide U-healthcare network 24 hours a day, until now. I deeply appreciate Cha joo-hak's creative efforts as CEO of Kyeongwon U-Globe Ubiquitous Healthcare Information System. The U-healthcare news sounds like an evangelical message for me. As salvation saves your soul and spirit from hell, the U-healthcare system saves your body on earth.

U-healthcare news is too good to be true.

Upon first hearing about it, I thought it was an unbelievable story, like science fiction. I am impatient to know what a U-healthcare project is. To my great surprise, U-healthcare news is too good to be true. As time goes on and on, I completely acknowledged that the U-healthcare medical system works well, just like my wife's friendly advice. After registering with a U-consultation process on the network between the U-healthcare patient and U-healthcare specialist, the patient will receive a real-time U-clinic consultation under any circumstances.

Prevention is better than the cure

Due to the global economic crisis, almost all of us are worried about medical service bills. How can we reduce healthcare bills How can we live long without serious diseases I now understand that this medical project supports not only high-income families, but also low-income ones to improve their standard of living, diminishing the comprehensive medical cost accordingly. It is the unprecidented economy of time and efforts in preventing and healing one's diseases that encourage us to join the system by investigating interrelated vital signs acquired through devices for vital signs and transferred by smart phones.

Hus leads to your healthy life all the time

According to Cha joo-hak's vision, the CEO of Kyeongwon U-Globe Ubiquitous Healthcare Information System, the Hygeian Ultimate Service, HUS, began to function perfectly on May 15th, 2009 at Konkuk University Hospital. He notifies that this invention has made a great step toward medical advances. I also agree to his thought. Everyone cannot deny the fact that it is a gorgeous news for the global villagers. What can I do first when I come across a life-threatening situation happens in any place or in any time. Only when I am online, I can receive life-saving information from the U-healthcare physician through a smart phone. With the help of ever-increasing speed and accessibility to communicative technologies, we strongly desire economical medical conveniences to meet our well-state of being.

Before HUS (BH), doctors are accustomed to waiting for their patients at traditional hospitals without any medical data concerned with the patients. After HUS (AH), on the other hand, board-qualified and well-experienced HUS doctors can treat their patients efficiently and precisely irrespective of time and place. To achieve one's life-saving goal, it is essential for the HUS doctors to rely on HUS reserving very important vital signs: temperature, heart rate , breathing bit, blood pressure and so on.

A medical center reported that a large percentage of their patients were people who didn't have an organic disease but were seeking psychological help. As a further desire,anyone who wants to live the healthier life with the advantage of HUS better than that of the traditional hospitals, wants not only to get the psychological help but also, actual help that is based on an U-healthcare physician - patient relationship. Last but not least,the prospective customers of the U-healthcare system clearly want to prosper with U-healthcare initiatives without technological faults and institutional inertias. Moreover, as the biblical proverb goes, "your beginning will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be."

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