Munich, Manhattan and Mongolia, Global Application of the Passive House Standard
Munich, Manhattan and Mongolia, Global Application of the Passive House Standard
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The Passive House Standard - Specialist exhibition


[Darmstadt/Munich, Germany] Munich is extensively applying it, so is Manhattan, and Mongolia has just started. What? Energy efficient construction to the Passive House Standard. All three locations have impressive projects that focus on maximum energy efficiency for construction and retrofits. This will be demonstrated at the International Passive House Conference to be held on 9 and 10 March 2018 in Munich. At the sametime, the Passive House specialist exhibition will also welcome private building owners to the Congress Center MOC. One of the topics there: "What do Passive House residents really think?"

At the Passive House specialist exhibition, all those interested in components for energy efficient construction and retrofit projects can find information on materials for insulation and windows with triple glazing. Due to the better thermal insulation and the triple-glazed windows, large differences between surface temperatures and indoor temperatures are avoided, resulting in increased thermal comfort in rooms and absolutely no draughts. In addition, the residents benefit from much lower heating costs. Of course, it is still possible to open the windows in a Passive House. 

Clean air

Ventilation units with heat recovery are also highly popular. These devices use the heat in the extract air to preheat the incoming fresh air. Ventilation units are also ideal for allergy sufferers as pollen and dust remain outside.

Free tickets

What do Passive House residents really think? The answer to this question will be given on Saturday at the Passive House Forum during the exhibition. Private building owners will report on the planning and construction of a highly energy efficient Passive House and talk about the enhanced living comfort. 

Advice from experts

With the Passive House Standard, building owners can already fulfil the requirements of the European Buildings Directive today, which stipulates that from 2021, all new private buildings should be built as nearly zero-energy buildings. Experts from the Passive House Institute will also be available to give advice during the specialist exhibition.

"Passive House – it's worth it!"

The 22nd International Passive House Conference will take place at the Congress Center MOC
parallel to the specialist exhibition. More than 120 speakers will report on worldwide projects,
products and solutions for energy efficient construction and retrofits. In line with this year's focal
theme "Passive House - it's worth it!," a particular focus will be on the compatibility of costeffectiveness and energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency

Many projects from North America and Asia will be presented in addition to projects from Germany and Europe. Many large-scale projects to the Passive House Standard are currently being realised in China in particular, and Mongolia is also addressing the subject of energy efficient buildings. Here, comfortable housing will be made available to the people in rural areas in order to check migration to the cities. 

Pilot project in Mongolia

In Mongolia, this housing must offer comfortable conditions even at temperatures of minus 25 °C in winter and up to 38 °C in summer. In collaboration with a German architect, for a pilot project two decommissioned shipping containers were converted into a single-family Passive House. Specially developed folding elements on the outside can be moved into the window reveals at night. Together with the insulation and the highly insulating windows, this reduces cooling down in winter to a minimum.

Workshops and excursions

Numerous workshops will take place in the run-up to the International Passive House Conference, dealing with topics such as the latest ventilation concepts, cooling, and dehumidification, and highly efficient building envelopes. Courses for the Passive House Planning Package PHPP and for designPH will also be offered in Munich. Following the Conference, excursions will take place to impressive Passive House projects in and around Munich. The 22nd International Passive House Conference in Munich takes place under the patronage of the Bavarian Ministry of Economics and Media, Energy and Technology.

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