Telefonica Announces Widespread Deployment of ASSIA’s CloudCheck® Software Solution
Telefonica Announces Widespread Deployment of ASSIA’s CloudCheck® Software Solution
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Global Telecom Service Provider to use ASSIA® Cloud-Based Software to Manage Residential Wi-Fi across their Network


[Redwood City, CA] ASSIA(Adaptive Spectrum and Signal Alignment) and Telefonica announced  today, widespread deployment of ASSIA’s CloudCheck® software solution across Telefonica’s Latin American Networks. This cloud-based product manages Wi-Fi at customer premises with diagnostics and optimization for improved performance and service delivery to Telefonica’s growing base of broadband subscribers.

The CloudCheck solution is a highly scalable, big-data-analytics, and machine-learning platform that enables Telefonica call-center agents and field technicians proactively to detect and resolve subscriber Wi-Fi issues while automatically optimizing Wi-Fi performance for their subscribers. This improves Telefonica’s customer experience while also driving down support costs significantly.

The CloudCheck product is the latest addition to the suite of ASSIA software solutions currently deployed at Telefonica in Latin America: DSL Expresse® software for diagnostics and optimization of high-speed DSL networks, GPON Expresse® software for diagnostics of GPON networks, and ClearView® software for precise network analysis and recommendations for customer care agents and field technicians.

With the CloudCheck product deployment and ClearView software, Telefonica now has end-to-end network visibility and management from the central office into the home.

“Telefonica is transforming its operations towards an optimal Customer Experience. In this transformation process, it is key for us to move from a network approach to a service-customer-centric focus approach; from reactive to proactive processes,” said Eduardo de Santos, Customer Service Delivery Director, Global Network & Systems, Telefonica SA. “In this context, Telefonica has selected ASSIA’s CloudCheck product for Wi-Fi monitoring and optimization. The maturity of the solution, the unique approach of assessing subscriber Quality-of-Experience (QoE), the extensive expertise of ASSIA in analytics, diagnostics and optimization with products already deployed on the Telefonica network, were all key factors in this decision. Telefonica is very pleased with the current features available in the solution, especially diagnostics and optimization for band steering, support for extenders, and care recommendations for providing better service and support to clients and internal proactive maintenance policies.”

CloudCheck is currently under commercial deployment in several Telefonica affiliates.

“ASSIA is proud to expand our long-term relationship with Telefonica by deploying CloudCheck in Latin America,” said John Cioffi, CEO & Founder, ASSIA. “The combination of Expresse DSL, Expresse GPON, and now CloudCheck all under ASSIA’s Clearview diagnostic umbrella will
provide an end-to-end hardware agnostic solution for Telefonica technicians and care centers. Telefonica recognizes the challenges with home Wi-Fi networks are only going to intensify with the increase demand for video and IOT. We look forward to working closely with them as they deploy throughout their network.”


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