CoinAll general manager points out, Small exchanges engage exit scams while the larger exchanges exert monopoly
CoinAll general manager points out, Small exchanges engage exit scams while the larger exchanges exert monopoly
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CoinAll is a platform for helping to overcome this situation that has became harder for many projects with smaller.


CoinAll general manager presented at NextGen blockchain conference in Seoul.  Katherine Deng, the general manager of a new conception exchange CoinAll, was invited to give a speech in Seoul at the the NextGen conference held by the leading crypto exchange OKEx on December 3rd. The conference opened under the background that the exchange business is currently in a state of disarray with solutions on how to overcome this situation.

CoinAll is the first community driven exchange with the aim to establish a three dimensional exchange as community, users and projects.

One of the highlights of the conference, a speech sent a shock wave through the audience, Katherine Deng pointed out, trading volumes are falling and there is little trust in the markets. Small exchanges are engaged in a variety of exit scams while the larger exchanges are exerting monopoly-like control over projects - they are only interested in the larger projects with a large following.

The situation has became harder for many projects with smaller followings. That is precisely the problem that CoinAll will address, Katherine Deng said, we aim to be a more responsible player in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Katherine Deng said, CoinAll is a platform for projects that show tremendous potential, regardless of the strength of their following. CoinAll will help projects to overcome this situation in three ways.

Frist, it will take CoinAll 3-5 days to list a project.

Second, CoinAll is designed to nurture projects with resources like financial advisors, hunters, media resources, etc. In addition, projects listed on CoinAll will have access to all of OKEx's liquidity and user base. All the resources above will help projects develop rapidly.

Third, after the project receives the resources offered by CoinAll and becomes bigger and more successful, CoinAll will offer the project a chance every three months to be listed on one of the world's largest exchanges - OKEx, to prove the value of the project.

CoinAll is serving more than 3 million users in over 100 countries currently. Most of them are concentrated in Europe, America and Asia. 

At the first launch of CoinAll in Korea, Deng said, our mission is to be a more responsible player in the blockchain ecosystem, by pulling up projects with great potential, to drive this ecosystem forward and offering our resources.

(Source: PR Newswire)

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