The 22nd Software Contest of Korea Embraces Hopes
The 22nd Software Contest of Korea Embraces Hopes
  • Kim Yea-rim
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The 22nd Software Contest of Korea Organized by Information Technology Professionals Association of Korea (IPAK) and National IT Industry Promotion Agency is ongoing. For the success of contest, an advisory committee was held on May 26 at Korea Press Center.


Advisory committee for the 22nd Software Contest of Korea


Cho Sung-Kap, Chairman of the IPAK welcomed all the advisory committee members by saying "Thank you all for attending this meeting. Since 1987, the Software Contest of Korea has been trying to excavate talents in software industry. Today we are gathered for the success of contest at the same time to enhance software industry. Since the members are the professionals in the industry, this contest looks very auspicious."


At the advisory committee, Yang Seung Taik, Invited Researcher of ETRI, Park Chan-Mo, President of National Research Foundation of Korea, Lee Kark-Bum, Chariman of Presidential Council on Information Society, Noh In-Sik, Director of IPAK and other talented professionals were present.

Cho Sung-Kap, Chairman of the IPAK


Park Chan-Mo, President of National Research Foundation of Korea, said, "Hardware was the center of industry formerly and now the direction is software. The software industry has been considered very important and now we are late but never too late to jump in. So let's work hard to raise great talent through this contest."


And Lee Kark-Bum presented by saying, "As a 22nd year for the contest, hopefully this contest brings forth productive results so that we could bear the second of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs." And he added, "To lead the future of software in the world, sustainable development of the IT industry is essential  Therefore to strengthening international competitiveness is required."

Yang Seung Taik, Invited Researcher of ETRI, said "Above all, to develop software, institutional support is necessary. We might remember that the development of applications in Apple, it wasn't all Steve Jobs's idea; more like the users had hoped to develop the applications and it emphasized the consequences of trend. Korean firms also need to know what consumers want and follow the flow. And I believe this contest will help to develop the trend in software."

"The Software Contest of Korea has been very influential since it started in 1987. And this year, we contrive for Software growth on co-sponsorship with IPAK. "Chung Kyung-Won, President of National IT Industry Promotion Agency said.

Suk Ho-Ick, Vice chairman of Corporate Relations Group, stated, "There is no doubt that Software would lead the country's export industries, It is still far to go, but it must be achieved if we believe."


Once again, Cho Sung-Kap thankfully commented that, "This prestigious Software contest has a reputation and history. Award-winning people have achieved 100% employment and there are some cases that made a successful business. This year, we are going to work even harder to contribute to the software industry. The contest will be very helpful to improve the environment of the software industry and to foster future growth." The road for Software looks concrete just like Cho has said, "The road will be paved, if you really want it."


Details about the 22nd Software Contest of Korea: A creative software system is going to be chosen by rigorous examination and the first prize is going to be honored with President's award. Also Prime Ministers Award, the Minister of Knowledge Economy, and many other great awards from government directors will be given. It can be a prestigious national gateway to success. The competition reception started from May 1 to August 31. Any software is acceptable except for products already commercially available. Groups are divided into students and general. Anyone who is interested in the contest can apply by mail, email or visiting.


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