JW Holdings gets patent for 'Early Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis technology' in China
JW Holdings gets patent for 'Early Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis technology' in China
  • Kim Min-jee
  • 승인 2019.05.09 12:47
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JW Holdings said on May 9 that it has been proven new to the technology for early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer by the Chinese Patent Office. 

It acquired a Chinese patent for the world's first "multi-bromarker diagnostic kit" source technology, which can detect pancreatic cancer early only through simple blood tests.

JW Holdings' original technology is an innovative diagnostic platform that allows cancer to be tested in stages of progress by simultaneously using substances that respond to early and late pancreatic cancer patients, respectively. In 2017, JW Holdings received a technology transfer from a team led by Baek Yong-ki, a professor at Yonsei University.

So far, there has been a way to test cancer antigen "CA19-9," which mainly responds to patients with terminal pancreatic cancer, but JW Holdings is the only company in the world that has the technology to diagnose pancreatic cancer with "CFB," which appears in early patients.

Regarding the original technology for early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, JW Holdings acquired Korean patents in 2016, Japanese patents in 2018, and has also applied for patents in the U.S. and Europe.

"The registration of Chinese patents for the early diagnosis technology of pancreatic cancer has given us an advantageous position in the global high value-added diagnostic market competition," a JW Holdings official said. "In the future, we will successfully commercialize not only pancreatic cancer but also the early diagnosis kit of sepsis, which will contribute to addressing unsatisfactory demand in the field of diagnosis."

Pancreatic cancer is a disease that kills an average of about 1,000 people a day worldwide, with about 6,600 cases occurring in South Korea alone each year. 

In addition, early diagnosis is an incurable disease, which is more important than anything else, as its survival rate is the lowest among all cancer species with a relative survival rate of about 11 percent over five years. 

However, pancreatic cancer has almost no early symptoms, making early diagnosis of patients very difficult.

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